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WATER revitalization TECHNOLOGY



WHAT it does

In nature, oxygen is transferred to the water when atmospheric interaction occurs with water. (for example: winds, streams, waterfalls, water movements/currents, etc)

The Revitalizer is programmed to increase that natural phenomenon. The Revitalizer diffuses oxygen throughout the entire body of water especially to the bottom sediment. The Revitalizer uses a soluble and active form of oxygen that stays in the water until consumed.

The Revitalizer also restructures water. It has been proven that restructured water molecules are smaller and more hydrating. Therefore, it reduces the surface tension and allows oxygen to travel down to the bottom sediment much easier.

Because we are able to increase the oxygen level throughout the water body, we are helping nature to renders phosphorus. Phosphorus is then not available for algae growth anymore.

Some of the benefits include :

  • Removes algae;
  • Reduces phosphates and nitrates;
  • Reduces foul smells;
  • Provides clearer water;
  • Increases growth in livestock and agriculture with a higher resistance to sickness.


  • Comprises a sealed black plastic box with two copper tubes protruding from the bottom (positive and negative);
  • Weighs approximately 30 lbs with a volume of roughly 1.5 cubic feet;
  • Works continually in all seasons and all temperatures;
  • Built with US and Canadian components.

EASY AS 1-2-3



1- The Revitalizer is buried about 6” underground, permitting it to interact with water, soil and air. Being buried while it quietly operates also prevents any visual pollution and reduces the risk of theft.

2- The Revitalizer is a self-generating system, which does not require any electrical connections. The Revitalizer is powered with a quartz crystal battery. A low voltage can be measured across the copper tubes.

3- Research has proven that quartz crystals have great information storage capabilities. CentroTech programs these crystals with selected frequencies within the lab to meet specific objectives which can also be adapted to your needs;

4- The Revitalizer is sealed shut to prevent tampering.

Crystal clear water with fish - Plitvice Lakes National Park - Plitvice Jezara, Croatia
Gardener digging in a garden with a shovel.


  1. Determine the location needing treatment. Map out this area and send us the information.
  2. Select a low traffic area for the Revitalizer such as next to a well or tree and send us its location via GPS. We can also suggest the best location in relation to your map and needs.
  3. Dig a hole and plant the unit about 6” below grade in loosened soil, ensuring the copper tubes are not bent or damaged. Cover the unit.