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Moraine lake

The Revitalizer creates healthy and balanced lakes, ponds or even rivers quietly and safely without the use of chemicals to naturally boosts the cycle of nature. The Revitalizer emits resonant energies at specifically prescribed frequency patterns. These improve water ecosystems by increasing the oxygen throughout the water body and especially to the bottom sediment. The Revitalizer also contributes to the mineralization of phosphorus, thus reducing algae and excess macrophyte growth. Combined with a high level of oxygen, aerobic conditions are then excellent for nature to revitalize.

The interrelationship between a lake and its shoreline is vital. Major sources of contaminants are often the runoff from agricultural and municipal areas or improperly treated sewage. For example, 1 lb. of phosphorus migrating into a lake can create 500 lbs. of algae and invasive aquatic plants. The Revitalizer helps restore the first 100’ of shoreline by increasing the oxygen in the ground, which boosts the microcosms and aerobic microbial revitalizers, therefore protecting the lake.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Prevent unwanted algae growth;
  • Reduce invasive plant life;
  • Provide a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic life;
  • Improve water transparency;
  • Removes phosphorus, pathogens and nitrates;
  • Neutralize contaminates up to 100’ of the shoreline, preventing runoff from polluting;
  • Operates maintenance-free 24/7.





Water reservoir in Industrial estate

Without major infrastructure, electrical costs, or aerators, the Revitalizer treats and revitalizes water in your tailing ponds, reservoirs and waste management facilities. The Revitalizer introduces oxygen and restructure water so you can return it back to nature, clean and free of contaminants. CentroTech has a passive water treatment approach which also uses aerobic activity to clean water and land. Although passive, it works much faster than other contemporary techniques. CentroTech believes this technology is crucial for all industries using water … and will be extremely cost-effective.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Clean water so you can return it to nature, clean and free of contaminants;
  • Does not require a great area of land like other passive systems;
  • Without chemicals or mechanical devices, it revitalizes water in a natural way;
  • Decreases corrosion (rust) in aqueducts to yield better longevity;
  • Decomposes bottom sludge so no or very little dredging is needed;
  • Cleans soil around the operating area;
  • Reduces turbidity and odor;
  • Reduces treatment costs with no infrastructure;
  • Operates in cold, warm and brackish water;
  • Functions maintenance-free 24/7;





Mature Golfer on a Golf Course

CentroTech helps provide cleaner air and healthy grass growth, with a significantly less need for fertilizers and chemicals. Yearly, the Revitalizer removes 10 tons of carbon per acre from greenhouse gases and transfers it to the ground, thus increasing porosity. The Revitalizer rejuvenates the water in ponds and underground basins to reduce the quantity of water needed for irrigation, yielding the twin benefits of cost-cutting and a more pleasant playing experience.

CentroTech delivers improved health for your fish and ponds. The proven increase of oxygen in the water creates a better, healthier and more balanced ecosystem for your aquatic life.

CentroTech delivers clearer water, zero algae growth and reduction of bottom sludge. This dramatically reduces the cost of chemicals, dredging and the general maintenance of ponds. The Revitalizer brings life back to your ponds by increasing oxygen to help the aerobic bacterial activity lock up phosphates, nitrates and other contaminants in the bottom sediments.

CentroTech’s services are completely unobtrusive, without major installation inconveniences or machinery with visual or noise pollution; the golfers on your course won’t even know we are hard at work.

The Revitalizer will :

  • Save you money with a system that is cost-effective and affordable;
  • Help your golf course become a green golf course with substantially less chemicals;
  • Provide your customers with a healthier, more pleasurable golf experience.



Pipes and tap water for watering plants

Water: The Revitalizer rejuvenates and restructures water back to its original, natural form. Crops irrigated with this structured water become healthier, need less water and require less fertilizer and chemicals. Animals and humans drinking revitalized water are better hydrated through ingesting less water.

Earth: The Revitalizer oxygenates soil, thus creating an excellent environment for the microcosm (micro-organisms, worms, fungi etc.) and aerobic microbial activity. These in turn improve the porosity of the ground, absorb organic waste and reduce pathogens. The Revitalizer also energetically transfers carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere and fixes it into soil allowing it to settle into the ground. It harvests and transfers up to ten tons/acre of carbon annually. Once absorbed into the soil, carbon helps tie up or remove all unwanted contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs and medications. It helps reduce the need for most fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Crops grown with this carbon enriched soil have less insect damage, mildew or other pest damage. Yields and quality have improved in some cases up to 50%.

Air: The Revitalizer is one of the few systems designed to eliminate practically all agricultural odours on the entire farm, indoor and out. By increasing oxygen ingested by ruminants, it immediately benefits the bacteria in the digestive system of the animals by providing better digestion of nutrients, which lowers odor in the manure. CentroTech tackles odor at its source by preventing its release, since it cannot be removed from the air.

Some of the benefits include :

  • Improves hydration of plants and animals, decreasing water usage;
  • Reduces greatly farm odors within 3-4 weeks;
  • Reduces the need for fertilizers and other chemicals;
  • Increases growth and profitability in crops and animals by as mush as 50% (see testimonials for more details);
  • Provides a rich and productive soil: porous and nutrient filled;
  • Operates maintenance-free 24/7.



Salmon fish farm with floating cages. Aerial view

CentroTech provides an innovative approach to cleaning and revitalizing water in aquaculture by cost-effectively increasing oxygen and clarifying the water. Microbial activity and enzyme production can be greatly increased with elevated oxygen. Rotting excess food and excrement are aerobically digested and converted into stable biomass that improves the food base for fish. A healthy and nutrient filled environment will give a healthy and nutrient filled harvest.



  • Better digestion;
  • Enhanced aerobic microbial digestion and enzyme production reduces accumulation of sedimentary sludge;
  • Reduced diseases and mortality rate;
  • Helps maintain an environment that is free of viruses and harmful bacteria.


  • Maintains a balanced aquatic ecosystem;
  • Boosts the water’s natural defence mechanism;
  • Reduced turbidity, colour, and odor of the water;
  • Increases dissolved oxygen up to 15 PPM throughout the body of water, including the bottom sediment;
  • Increases dissolved oxygen, which enables aerobic bacteria to thrive and digest the organic sediment.


  • Inhibits algae growth in cages. The Revitalizer treats a large area surrounding the cages; this ensures a balanced ecosystem unencumbered by algae, thereby reducing or even eliminating the cost and need to clean the cages.