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WHAT it does

The WES focuses on water. It restructures and enhances water when it is vortexed around preprogrammed quartz crystal balls with specific frequencies based on the needs of the end user.

For example, the WES by CentroTech can be programmed with frequencies that increase oxygen, remove chlorine from tap water, prevent the formation of limestone in pipes or increase the brix level in corn.  As the water travels through the device it flows and vortexes around the crystal balls, absorbing the frequencies, and being re-structured.  

Structured water is like pure, clean water in nature; it is truly healthy water. It contains an abundance of biophotons (water’s life force) and is more hydrating. The more structured water becomes, the more potential it has for hydrating and cell-to-cell communication. Crops that are irrigated with structured water are healthier (need less fertilizers, chemicals) and require much less water.



The WES is a tube measuring about 2.5’ long and 6” in diameter. Water is revitalized as it travels through requiring no electricity.  WES comes in two options, stainless steel, or pvc,  both functioning in the same manner however the stainless option is recommended for industrial use.

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The way to install is simple. Hook it horizontally onto your main waterline after your pump and any other treatment system you may have. Ensure your water flow is in the right direction which is clearly marked on the tube and you are ready to go.