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Beer bottles washing on factory

CentroTech realizes, in business whether commercial or industrial, reducing cost while improving product is essential. Keeping this in mind, CentroTech introduces the WES. It’s easy to install, takes no electricity and will pay for itself several times over with its benefits and productivity. The revitalized water will reduce corrosion, amplify its use in products such as cooling, rinsing or even baking. Clients will notice the difference helping you stand above your competition.


  • Water tastes lively to clients and is healthier;
  • Products made with this water are enhanced with a longer shelf life;
  • Produce stays fresh longer;
  • Meals develop stronger flavours;
  • Coffee develops more volume with more vibrant aromas and taste;
  • Money will be saved through a decreased need for maintenance.





hands of watering the faucet.

We all love our family and try to offer the best to our children. By restructuring water back to the way it was intended, the entire household benefits. Instead of drinking dead, chlorinated water, we can ingest living, energized water, with no negative memories (yes water has memory it is now proven), clean and refreshing. Your clothes will come out cleaner, food cooked will taste better, children will be healthier and more resistant to sickness with a higher sense of focus. Since the human body contains more than 70% water, think about the importance of quality and origin of the water you and your family are drinking.


  • Quality of water is better and healthier;
  • Tastes and smells of minerals and chlorine are greatly reduced;
  • Increase your feeling of wellness while having showers and baths with revitalized water;
  • Reduce the amount of laundry and cleaning products normally needed.





Friendly woman harvesting fresh vegetables from the rooftop gree

Connect the WES to your main water line before you nurture your plants and animals and you will see positive results, we guarantee it.  CentroTech has tons of testimonies from farmers, gardeners and greenhouse owners saying how their produce has improved. They experience less sickness, less pests on the plants, higher growth and better harvests. The produce keeps longer, tastes better and is healthier, why? Revitalized, restructured, living water, the foundation of all things.  


  • Animals have better growth and health;
  • Plants are more resistant and give a better yield;
  • Reduce methane, ammonia and bad smell of manure;
  • Produce is stronger and more resistant.